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Our Guest Book Entries
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First Name: Susan

I think this website is very informative and is a great opportunity for office professionals to gain knowledge and respect for their chosen field.


First Name:

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. It is because of the excellent leadership of our president, Rosemary Duff, that we have achieved the addition of our poster & writing contests. Won't you consider joining us?

Thank you Ira, our website manager, for a beautiful & easy to read website.



First Name: Marina

Comment: Thank you for posting the photos of the scholarship awards. The photos are very nice. The awards luncheon was memorable



First Name: Eileen

Comment: Lots of good information



First Name: Tritia

Comment: Nice website.  I had no idea this association existed within LAUSD.  What a gem!



First Name:  Rachael

Comment:   It gives me great pleasure to see how AEOE has evolved over the years and I am proud to say I was a member. Kudos to everyone who has had a hand in making this organization...Great!!



First Name:   DiDi

Comment:   Thanks for making a difference!



First Name:   Cora

Comment:   I had no idea such an organization existed. Thanks Eva for sharing.



First Name:   Cheryl

Comment:   Very nice newsletter. It is easy and pleasing to the eye to read. Good luck with all of your endeavors.



First Name:   Monique

Comment:   Love the new colors!!



First Name:   Mina

Comment:   Beautiful, functional and informative web site. I feel proud to have been associated with AEOE.



First Name:   Jan

Comment:   Your website is very professional looking. I enjoy it.



First Name:   Eva

Comment:   I'm very excited about AEOE and its mission. I appreciate the talents of its Board of Directors and the marvelous work they are doing. I'm very pleased with our webmaster's talents as well. I pray a blessing over this organization and its supporters.

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